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22 Feb 2012
Year-old daughter this year, have some ideas began to grow, I would like more guidance for the children of this age. Person's life, what is important, I often think about this question, in other words this day and age of children, how they kind of life is happy and meaningful. Grew up in those of us parents are traditional ideological education, we as parents should be how to guidelines for children's future is indeed worth pondering. Not pre-empt the children grow up, let the kids to learn to appreciate the ups and downs of life, and give good advice and guidance. In life, I think these points are very important.
One or more books, and enhance intelligence and experience.
I firmly believe that books are the ladder of human progress, and certainly better than from reading a good book. A Ministry of the world's classic novel is a thoughtful teacher, these books can be for us the way.
Second, and more to write, perception of life.
Life is like send, and who is not a traveler? Life is a process, a better record, happiness, pain and sadness, the sentiment which taste. Words to commemorate their life, also relieved the pain, happiness can last forever. Enjoy life, starting now.
Third, many contacts, and more happiness.
Independent school with no friends, Gu Lou widowed Wen. A lot of exchanges of good, wise life benefits, and life happiness will increase. Exchanges, to see the world the most real ways of the world. Who can not live in a vacuum, we must learn to recognize good and evil people to protect themselves.
Fourth, more exercise, the body Kin.
Health is the origin of happiness without health everything is empty. And friends together to do more exercise, not only enhance physical fitness and increase friendship.
Fifth, travel, wide horizons.
In the winter and summer vacations, some holidays, you can choose to go to some of the scenic travel, cultivate character, but also to enhance physical fitness.
Do more housework, enhanced sense of responsibility.
Let the child from doing housework benefits from an early age to take on a responsibility of the family, so learn to work harder, but also know how to cherish life.


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